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The history of the Liberal Party is the history of a political party which has acted as an agent of change in Canada. From Laurier, who opened the West with a farsighted immigration policy; King, who began to build a national system of social security; St. Laurent, who completed Confederation with the entry of Newfoundland and who built a strong prosperous economy based on a mix of the public and private sector; Pearson, who added to the social security system with Medicare; Trudeau, who enshrined bilingualism and the place of French Canada and who fought for and won a Charter of Rights and Freedoms—the Liberal Party has always been at the forefront of social change in Canada

— Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, November 1991


Hi. I’m Shane. Raised in Cambridge, Ontario. Currently a university student in Ottawa, Ontario at the University of Ottawa.

Primarily interested in politics, public policy, history, philosophy and life.

My liked content shows my diversity more than posts do….
- Doctor Who
- Torchwood
- Suits & clothes obsession
- Bad puns
- Music
- Guitar
- Art
- Superheroes
- The Colbert Report
- The Daily Show
- Optimism/ Idealism
- Well-argued activism
- Movies
- Star Trek
- How I met your mother
- Monty Python
- History
- Equality
- West Wing
- Green Day
- Theodore Roosevelt
- Whose Line is it Anyways
et al.

This blog is my forum to talk politics, talk life, review movies, review television, extrapolate ideas and generally just talk, and talk, and talk…

Disclaimer: I'm political. I'm passionate. I'm a proud geek. I AM CANADIAN. I'm feminist. I'm male. I'm argumentative. I'm reasonable. I'm hungry. I'm musical. I'm tall. In cars, I need leg room. In buses, I need to duck. When standing, I dodge planes for fun. I’m whatever I want to wake up and be.

These blogs reflect my personal opinion. Clearly. Read or don’t. Much love.